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    Over the past 98 years, we have provided quality services to global "6000+" customers every year.


    Over the past 98 years, we have supplied "2 million 800 thousand +" batteries to customers every year.

    Shenzhen Weiyi Technology Co., Ltd. has a dedicated staff and strong R & D capability to quickly respond to customer needs, provide customer - based products and end - to - end services to help customers succeed in business. Adhere to the "customer centered, with integrity, responsibility based" corporate culture, whenever and wherever, will be fully committed to help customers to achieve business success, and through our joint efforts, only the success of our customers will have our success.

    The company is engaged in the investment, research and development, production and sales service of high and new type valve controlled type full sealed lead-acid battery, solar (deep circulation) battery, colloid battery and battery pole plate, and the users are all over more than 70 countries and regions in all the provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and foreign countries. With first-class manufacturing and testing equipment, strictly in accordance with ISO 9001-2000 international quality system production organization, the company registered capital of 50 million yuan. Battery products have won many international certification such as CE and ROHS. The products are sold all over the world and have maintained good cooperation with many domestic customers. The continuous expansion of production scale comes from perfect management, excellent quality and good service reputation. In today's business environment, division of labor and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win, common development is the general trend, we will further open up cooperation.

    We have initiated sincere cooperation with our friends in technology, products and markets in many fields and multi-faceted, interdependent, and jointly resist risks. Create the greatest value together!

    The overall solution of battery energy

    We have many years of high and new type VRLA, solar (deep cycle) battery, colloid battery, battery plate, investment, research and development, production and sales services, to provide you with perfect support and solutions.

    National 24 hour fast response service

    Our professional, efficient and fast customer service has created our excellent and considerate service system. You can provide service requests to our standby technicians by telephone, email, network, on-site and other channels.

    After-sale perfection

    For your new and old products to provide remote assistance, door-to-door service, maintenance and replacement and other services. Your demand is our goal.

    Manufacturer's strength and quality assurance

    The company has the first class R & D personnel, advanced R & D equipment and strong R & D ability in Shenzhen power research and development center, which ensures the advanced and innovative product of the company.

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